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Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS)


OHSAS is a management system that boasts an organisation’s reputation by demonstrating that their suppliers hold a certified Occupational Health and Safety management policy. An effective occupational and safety management system promotes a safe and healthy working environment, by providing a framework that allows your organisation to identify and control its health and safety management system, and improves overall performance.


Implementing the OHSAS 18001can help your company demonstrate commitment to maintaining an effective health and safety management system.


Benefits of ISO 18001 Certification to your organisation:

  1. Eliminates or minimises risk to employees
  2. Contributes to a healthier and safer working environment
  3. Demonstrates confidence in your organisation
  4. Reduce downtime risks through on site accidents
  5. Implements, maintains and continually improves an OHS Management System
  6. Ensures legislative and regulatory compliance
  7. Reduces the likelihood of prosecutions and fines
  8. Greater involvement in environmental safety from employees
  9. Increases stakeholder confidence
  10. Promotes new effective procedures and processes


Benefits of ISO 18001 Certification to your customers:

  1. Improves reputation
  2. Demonstrates commitment to stakeholders