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Effective and consistent project management practices are a key factor in the success of projects and therefore the success of the organization. Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) enables an organization to establish Project Management best practices and achieve consistency in the use of those practices on all projects. KIM Consulting Group helps clients analyze multiple projects and realize significant economies-of-scale and economies-of-logic.


The following are examples of the PMO services your KIM Consulting Group team can provide:

The use of a maturity model allows an organization to have its methods and processes assessed according to management best practice, against a clear set of external benchmarks. Maturity is indicated by the award of a particular “Maturity Level”. A maturity level assessment by KIM Consulting Group of an organization’s portfolio, programme and project management will provide the following benefits:

  1.  A known Maturity Level, with precise recommendations on how to improve
  2. Ability for organizations to compare their Maturity Level with other organizations, or other parts of their own organization
  3. An independently held set of “benchmarks”.

KIM Consulting Group on-site PMO Assessment Service (often referred to as PMO Health check) provides an objective, independent evaluation of your PMO’s efficiency and effectiveness, aligned with best management practice and designed to meet business environment needs. Our assessment evaluates your methodologies, processes, tools, use of technology and resources and we make recommendations tailored to your organization.

In order to proactively address potential changes in organizational strategy or PMO resources, as well as ensure the continued maturity of the function, the best PMOs create a clear and concise strategic plan.

KIM Consulting Group’s strategic planning support will ensure that your organization has the right tools to create an effective PMO strategic plan. Our team will look at the following:

  1. Techniques that make the PMO strategic planning efficient, flexible, and business-aligned
  2. Emerging trends to help the PMO leadership team think creatively about their strategic goals.
  3. Business-friendly templates to capture and communicate the PMO strategic plan.
  4. Objective third-party review of a draft plan to provide feedback and pressure-test assumptions.

The PMO’s governance function plays an important role by providing decision support for project sponsors, decision-makers, and stakeholders involved in the program, organization and enterprise. Documenting governance decisions and tracking action items for future governance sessions provides the administrative support needed for effective decision making.

Many companies end up having an inflated project portfolio because they don’t treat projects as financial investments and they execute inadequate project approval processes. Many of the projects in the portfolio, consequently, end up lingering in ‘open’ or ‘green’ status for extended periods of time and end up draining valuable resources. It’s critical for companies to get a handle on all of the projects within their portfolios.

In analyzing these inflated project portfolios, most of the projects have little or no linkages to the strategic intent or the corporate objectives of the firm. Additionally, the status for these projects is usually reported as ‘in-progress’ or ‘on target,’ even though the project completion dates have been pushed back several times. When companies take the time to capture a snapshot of all of their projects, they are usually quite surprised with what they find:

  1. Project redundancies
  2. Misalignment with strategic objectives
  3. Incomplete business cases
  4. Little of no business value
  5. Incomplete project charters
  6. No management support
  7. Missed completion dates
  8. Little or no activity
  9. No tracking or reporting of value metrics

KIM Consulting Group provides expertise and knowledge to quickly identify process and change improvements and to develop relationships with the appropriate business units to ensure the change initiatives are supported and lasting.