KIM Consulting Group Facilitators provide professional and neutral meeting facilitation services to corporate, academic institutions and other organisations to effectively run meetings, retreats and conferences that are expected to be contentious or complex. The use of a skilled facilitator promotes well organised, results-oriented meetings and ensures that parties are fully engaged.


Better Decisions……………Often Faster……………High Levels of Buy-In

Our facilitation process is customised and structured with the following key steps:

  • The Facilitator will have an initial discussion with the “Task Leaders or Client” who have the responsibility for the outcome of the meeting to define the goals, objectives or problem statement.
  • The Facilitator will present the Process (Format, Tools and Techniques) that will help the team deliver the expected outcome.
  • A check-in with the “Task Leaders or Client” will be held to discuss the proposed process based on input from the key stakeholders. Through discussion with the Task Leaders or Client, a Final Agenda will be agreed.
  • At the meeting, the objective of the Facilitator is to work with the participants to accomplish the determined goals, stay on time and on agenda while making sure that all participants have the opportunity to participate.
  • After the meeting, the deliverables agreed upon are provided which may include the flip charts or complete summary report of the meeting, list of action items, list of attendees, etc.
  • A final follow-up will be conducted to make sure that expectations have been met and to discuss if any further services are required.

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We provide the following events:

  • Meetings
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Problem Solving Sessions
  • Planning Sessions
  • Troubleshooting Sessions
  • Root Cause Analysis Meetings
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