KIM Consulting Group is a management consulting firm helping organizations execute, govern, and measure their portfolios to improve business performance. We promote project management, programme management, business analysis and change management best practices that help in delivering successful business outcomes. KIM Consulting Group delivers business management services to help organizations and their people perform to maximum potential.

Strategic Objectives

  • To foster recognition of professional development in project management.
  • To provide a forum for the free exchange of project management knowledge and best practice.
  • To develop acceptable standard terminology, tools and techniques to improve successful delivery of projects.
  • To provide expert advice on the application of project management best practice.
  • To provide expert advice in career development in the field of project management.
  • To train and certify potential and existing project management practitioners.
  • To develop and implement project management systems which enhance chances of successful project delivery.
  • To process the registration and accreditation of project management professionals, consultants and project-oriented companies.
  • To offer full consultancy services to private enterprises as well as the public sector.
  • To facilitate placement services, with a view to advance the quality of skills critical for successful project delivery.
  • To deliver top of the range project management training and consultancy in line with the company’s Quality Management System.





Customer Focus